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When Dalton left NYC to live in Montauk, he was determined to blend his expertise and experience as a successful commercial artist into his artistic talent as a painter and photographer;  to take his work both back to basics and to the next level. He experiments with various mediums; from classic oil and watercolor to fusing photography with professional digital manipulation, creating images on paper, canvas, and wood in traditional ways, and also using non-traditional surfaces such as t-shirts and surfboards.   

Long Island Pulse

"Maybe it’s because these subtle, delicate strokes are in such juxtaposition to their backgrounds they create a sense of hope, and it’s so palpable, it stays with you. The formula brings this artist’s works to a new entry point for abstraction, which is what makes him so current and so noteworthy."

Nada Marjanovich


feature shoot

"Each image of Portella’s Perfect Storm Series is a masterful synthesis of various Montauk storms...As in a great romantic painting by J.M.W. Turner, Portella’s ominous visions capture the divine in nature, rendering mankind defenseless and enraptured in the face of its sublime majesty."

Ellyn Kail

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